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Dr. Biondi, creator of the Autocalm Method, is a world-renowned Psychiatrist specializing in Anxiety & Panic Attack treatment.
Julie Melba is a Panic Coach with 15 years of experience teaching anti-anxiety techniques.
The Autocalm Method Has been tested in clinical settings, hospitals and private practices and is now available Online!
Endorsed by doctors, clients and the American Mental Health Foundation





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Master The Method

With our easy-to-follow video lessons, you'll be able to understand the material quickly and completely. The exercises help you feel what the lessons teach, preparing you to deploy them at the first sign of anxiety.

Understand Anxiety & Panic

See How It Limits Our Choices & Lives

Gaining knowledge about where anxiety comes from and the Reflex Behavior Chain that develops as a result of too much anxiety will give you the tools you need to overcome these challenges and be truly free.

Learn To Defuse Panic Attacks

In A Highly Effective, Clinically Proven New Way

Discover a weapon in the fight against fear and the confidence you'll need to use it. We go beyond just sharing the method with you, helping you practice and integrate it into your body so that change really happens.

Put The Method Into Practice

With Help From Our Support Network

You're never alone in your process, your lifetime membership gets you access to teachers and fellow students as you turn words into actions.


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What Is The Autocalm Method?
How does it work?
Will it work for my type of anxiety?
What makes it different from other panic courses?
Is it guaranteed to work?
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Our Network of doctors, teachers & fellow panic sufferers is here to help. Students get lifetime access to groups, events & one-on-one instruction.

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With our community from anywhere in the world via online meetings and in-person events. Your chances of overcoming Panic & Anxiety multiply when you connect with people that understand what you're going through.

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Autocalmâ„¢ is a clinically proven Panic Attack solution that can be self-administered with the help of the lessons below.

This program will help you to understand Panic and give you the tools to overcome it.

Our support community will guide you one-on-one and help you understand and implement the exercises.

We can help you develop the simple skills you need to overcome fear for the rest of your life.

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Ask A Question Or Book A Private Session With Our Support Team

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